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Rental Rules

The Groves @ Towne Centre
  1. Please advise landlord promptly of any malfunction or difficulties, so that repairs and/ or adjustments can be made at the least inconvenience to you.
  2. Quiet time is 10pm-8am.
  3. 1 year lease agreement is required. You must be 21 years or older to rent/lease.
  4. No pets/animals allowed. (Select 3br units will allow 1 dog or cat 25 lbs or less with a $300 pet deposit)
  5. Garage door opener is an additional $400.00 and half of the amount will be refunded at the surrender of the premises if still in good working condition.
  6. Owner shall furnish extra keys and replace lost keys for $20 each. Upon the expiration of lease, tenant shall account for all keys delivered by owner.
  7. A fee of $50.00 will be charged for late rent payment.
  8. Eviction notice will be survived after 5 days of delinquency of rental payment.
  9. Owner shall have the right to inspect apartment at reasonable times. Regular inspection of town home will be every 6 months, you will receive a 2 week notice before hand.
  10. Tenant shall receive a refund of deposit after landlord is certain that the premises are free of damages and are properly cleaned by the tenant upon the surrender of the premises.
  11. Garbage and yard maintenance are included in rent.
  12. Swimming pool access isn’t included in rent. It is a luxury that can be taken away so please clean up after yourself. No alcohol or tobacco permitted in pool area.
  13. Wednesday is 55 and older pool day.
  14. Automobiles must be kept within yellow lines of the parking lot areas.
  15. No parking or placement of objects on lawn areas.
  16. Tenant shall keep premises in good condition.
  17. Tenant shall not interfere with other tenant’s property.
  18. No doormats or other obstructions should be placed at your entrance door. Mail or paper deliveries should be taken in as soon as possible to minimize the possibility of accidents to passersby.
  19. Nothing shall be attached to walls or woodwork except the stick-on type fasteners or small nails driven at an angle.
  20. No items can be stored in attic.
  21. No sanitary napkins, baby wipes or personal items shall be deposited in toilets but placed in waste basket.
  22. No maintenance of vehicles on premises.
  23. Tenant shall be responsible for closing of windows in his or her town home during storms.
  24. Doors to townhomes shall be kept closed at all times.
  25. There shall be be no door- to -door soliciting of any kind on said premises.
  26. The landlord reserves the right to change any of the forgoing rules by rescinding or amending, or to make such other rules or regulations are deemed necessary to provide for the comfort and convenience of all tenant’s, and for the safety, care, proper maintenance and cleanliness of the premises.